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Receiver sensitivity is related to what other radio performance measurements?

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Your customer requires fast secure roaming. Which two types of roaming are specified in 802.11-2016 FT roaming that will help meet this goal?

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Why is EAP-MD5 not used as an acceptable EAP type?
(Choose all that apply.)

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What are some significant drawbacks that are present with WPA/WPA2-Enterprise that are not present with WPA/WPA2-Personal?
(Choose all that apply.)

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What is another name for an AAA client?

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An engineering firm just upgraded their WLAN form nine 802.11n APS to nine 802.11ac APs. After this upgrade, they did not see any improvement in throughput. What is the most likely cause of this result?

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A table of VLANs in a _________ document should include what device performs ________ services.
(Fill in the blanks)

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DAS design is largely based on, and most effective for, what antenna technology?

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Prior to meeting with the customer for the first time, you should do which of the following?

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What basic RF math formula should be used as a baseline to convert an RF value in units of dBm into a value of mW?
*Note: dBm in the formulas represents the known dBm value

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An acceptable use policy will result in what benefit for the provider?
(Choose all that apply.)

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The thermal noise is at −174 dBm/Hz. A spectrum analyzer has a resolution bandwidth of 1 kHz and a 5 dB noise figure. What is the level of the noise floor?

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What statements are true of PEAPv0/EAP-MSCHAPv2?
(Choose all that apply.)

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Modulation can be defined as:

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What are some of the common ways by which WLAN users receive network permissions?
(Choose all that apply.)

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Your new customer is concerned about maintaining privacy for their proprietary information when you conduct information gathering for their WLAN design. Which document can you use to directly address their concern?

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If the amplifier in Question 4 has a noise figure of 10 dB but a gain of 0 dB, what is the total noise figure of the cable, amplifier, and filter in series?

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When viewing channel utilization information from a protocol analyzer, if high channel utilization is occurring, what should you ensure does not exist?

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What type of protection should be provided to outdoor antenna installations?

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A wireless engineer from your company performed a site survey in an office building where a wireless network extension was needed.

He reports that while performing a Layer 1 sweep near a meeting room full of people, he detected RF activity with a very low duty cycle. He is unsure how to interpret what he recorded to determine its impact on a future Wi-Fi network.

What is true about this RF environment and its potential impact on the WLAN?

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For what types of systems should you request read-only access to in order to perform an analysis of the customer’s existing infrastructure?
(Choose all that apply.)

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After designing a WLAN infrastructure using predictive design software. What’s the best way to validate the predictive design in the physical space before deployment, if time and budget allow for it?

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ABC Company has a WLAN controller with 10 controller-based APs; the Voice SSID is configured for centralized data forwarding. Each AP is connected to an access port on a layer-2 Ethernet switch. Each layer-2 switch is uplinked to a single layer-3 core Ethernet switch.

The WLAN controller is connected directly to the layer-3 core Ethernet switch. Layer-3 tunnels are created between all controller-based APs and the WLAN controller. A voice server is connected to the layer-3 Ethernet switch.

When a voice-enabled QoS STA sends an IP data packet to a voice server in this scenario, the DSCP value carried in the STA’s IP data packet gets mapped to what and by which device?

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A controller-based WLAN infrastructure has its controller on a different subnet than its APs. What device must be used to enable any communication between the Controller and the APs?

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Your customer’s 802.11n laptops are not able to see the SSID in the 5 GHz band in the conference room. When doing a walkthrough using one of these laptops, you confirm that it is unable to see the SSID in the 5 GHz band in the conference room.

When using your own 802.11 ac laptop, you’re able to see the SSID. What is the most likely cause of this problem?

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A signal passes through a 10-meter cable, an amplifier, and then a filter. The amplifier has an output that is eight times higher in power than its input. Each meter of cable reduces the signal level by a factor of 4. The filter has a loss of 5 dB.

What is the total loss/gain of the three elements in series?

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When performing a capacity planning analysis on a LAN with a large number of access switches and distribution blocks, what can you check to see if existing links have too much congestion?
(Choose all that apply.)

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You are performing a walkthrough for a PTP wireless survey. You will need to use a small communication tower to install the link. How should you plan to perform the survey?

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Given: In a site survey deliverable report, you are expected to explain the spectrum measurements taken at the customer’s site.

What portion of a spectrum analyzer view can be used to determine if a given channel is too active for use as the active channel for a new AP?

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In an outdoor 802.11n deployment, a receiver is getting strong signals that are a direct line and signals that are have bounced off buildings that are a couple blocks away.

What parameter in the radio should be adjusted to ensure proper communications?

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Which EAP type does the supplicant send to request a different EAP type?

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A receiver includes a cable connected to the antenna, a filter, an LNA, and a cable, in that order.

The cable connected to the antenna has a loss of 3 dB, the filter loss is 1 dB, the noise figure of an LNA is 4 dB, and the cable connected to the rest of the receiver has a 5 dB loss. The gain of the LNA is 20 dB.

What is the overall noise figure of the receiver?

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You are on site, planning a network at a freight shipping company on a busy harbor. Since the preliminary WLAN design specifies support for the 5 GHz spectrum, you would like to test for radar pulses to determine if DFS channels should be supported at this facility.

As a part of your spectral survey with a laptop-based analyzer, you include DFS testing to identify the presence of radar. This is done by manually observing Real-time FFT, Duty Cycle, and Active Devices charts of the spectrum analyzer software.

What potential drawback is present with this DFS test method?

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Which of the following are examples of Wi-Fi interference for channel 6? Assume all access points are within RF range of one another.
(Choose all that apply.)

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An associated STA detects a new BSS with the same SSID as the STA’s current BSS. The new BSS uses a different IP subnet than the current BSS. If the STA is configured to use 802.1X/EAP preauthentication, what is likely to occur?

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Lace Doily Company is highly concerned about aesthetics and you are being asked to keep APs from being visible on the ceiling. What best practice option should you explore as a first step?

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In the enterprise, when is WPA/WPA2-Personal generally a recommended solution?
(Choose all that apply.)

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You are analyzing a WLAN/wired LAN implementation. You notice that DHCP option 82 is in use. What does this indicate?

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Using a free space model, if the frequency is doubled, the loss is increased by how much?

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Location technology (RTLS) can use which of the following methods?
(Choose all that apply.)

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When doing some frame capturing over the air during a voice call, you realized that frames on the downlink (from the AP to the client) direction are not being transmitted with the correct UP value for voice frames, but on the uplink (from the client to the AP) direction are being transmitted correctly.

What’s the cause of this issue?

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Why does a frame transmitted at 1 Mbps have a greater usable range than the same frame transmitted at 54 Mbps?

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In general, when planning for a multi-floor installation, how should the APs be installed on each floor in relation to their locations?
Choose the single best answer.

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Video applications running over a laptop computer will likely not support which of the following?

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You run across an area in your walkthrough where decorative ceilings are installed. The customer has asked to use ceiling mounted APs with omnidirectional antennas only. What should you recommend?

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Active surveys benefit from what additional information versus a passive scan?
(Choose all that apply.)

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The project sponsor will always be able to answer what type of question about the project?

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What parallel term in RF terminology can be used to compare to a broadcast domain with Ethernet networks?

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During lunch time in the break room of a company, Wi-Fi connectivity on the 2.4 GHz band is intermittent. Every other time of the day, it works fine. What’s the likely cause of this issue?

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Assume that your network operates in a regulatory domain that allows use of the entire 5 GHz space allowed in the 802.11ac amendment. In your upcoming 802.11ac deployment, you would like to take advantage of the performance improvements that result from channel bonding.

However, after extensive testing, you have determined that your mission-critical WLAN should not use channels requiring DFS support.

Given those two criteria (enable channel bonding and disable DFS channels), in the 5 GHz spectrum, how many non-overlapping 40 MHz channels will your system be able to use?

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Which one of the following is the most effective way to determine if radar will force APs away from DFS channels?

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By operating on a single-channel design and using a single BSSID, what does an SCA eliminate?

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Your company is located in a downtown high-rise building. You’ve configured your network so that your lowest mandatory rate is 12 Mbps. Users are complaining about poor throughput.

Upon inspection, you notice that over 90 percent of the traffic is being sent at 1 Mbps. What is most likely the cause?

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When installing APs on high ceilings, what should be the most common PPE to be used?

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Why should band steering algorithms allow stations to connect to the 2.4 GHz band after some number of ignored Probe Requests?

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What contributing factor might cause two different types of clients to perform differently at the same location and at the edge of coverage?

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What is the minimum PoE budget needed on a switch to support 6 (six) APs that can only be powered using IEEE 802.3at if no other details are provided?

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Aesthetics are very important in some environments. What common installation technique can be used to best meet this requirement in a stadium?

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When live video streaming solutions that transmit simultaneously to more than one recipient are used, what special capability should be considered and configured in all affected WLAN implementations?

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As a general design practice, what minimum PHY rate is recommended to ensure VOWLAN quality?

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