Designing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks (300-425 ENWLSD)

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CCNP Wireless Design

300-425 ENWLSD

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An engineer has deployed a group of APs in an auditorium and notices that the APs are showing high co-channel interference. Which profile is used to adjust the parameters for these high-density APs?

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An engineer is conducting a Layer 2 site survey. Which type of client must the engineer match to the survey?

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An AP is receiving 802.11 packets on its 802.11a radio with an RSSI value of -77 dBm. The current AP is part of an AP group that has been assigned an RF profile with RX-SOP set to Medium for 802.11a. Which action does the AP take with the packets?

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A customer has noticed that Client Band Select is enabled and no clients are utilizing the 5 GHz band. Which three parameters must be met to ensure that wireless clients use the 5 GHz band? (Choose three.)

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An engineer must decide the cell overlap for a wireless voice deployment. Which Cisco measurement recommendation should be considered?

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An engineer is designing a wireless network to support high availability. The network will need to support the total number of APs and client SSO. Live services should continue to work without interruption during the failover. Which two requirements need to be incorporated into the design to meet these needs? (Choose two.)

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An engineer is performing a predictive wireless design for a medical treatment environment, which requires data and voice services. What is the minimum requirement for the design?

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Which CLI command does an engineer use to validate that the redundancy peer of a Stateful Switchover pair of controllers is up and connected?

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Refer to the exhibit. What is the main reason why the Wi-Fi design engineer took a different approach than installing the APs in the offices, even though that installation provides better coverage?

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A medium-sized hospitality company with 50 hotels needs to upgrade the existing WLAN in each hotel to 802.11n. During the site surveys for each hotel, what needs to be taken into consideration when determining the locations for each AP?

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Where must the APs be mounted when used in a high-density wireless network to provide 6 dB to 20 dB of attenuation to a cell?

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A network engineer is designing a new wireless network. The network needs to have these characteristics:
✑ support high client concentration
✑ optimize client performance
✑ avoid interference
Which approach should be taken?

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A wireless engineer is designing a wireless network to support real time applications over wireless. Which IEEE protocol must the engineer enable on the WLC so that the number of packets that are exchanged between an access point and client are reduced and fast roaming occurs?

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An engineer is configuring a centralized set of controllers for separate facilities. Which two Cisco wireless architectures must be used to ensure flexible sizing of
WLAN to VLAN mappings? (Choose two.)

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A wireless engineer is hired to design a network for a technology company. The company campus has four buildings and a warehouse with access points that provide full wireless coverage as well as a pair of WLCs located in the core of the network. Which type of wireless architecture is being used?

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A wireless engineer is getting ready to perform a predictive site survey. The new network needs to support data and voice over wireless. Which two Cisco recommendations should be considered for the design? (Choose two.)

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A customer is concerned about mesh backhaul link security. Which level of encryption does the backhaul link use?

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Refer to the exhibit. An enterprise has offices spread around the globe. The APs are connected to different controllers installed in separate datacenters. The IT team wants to allow clients to roam from controllers in group ABC to controllers in group XYZ. Which feature must be incorporated in the design to accomplish this task?

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A customer is running a guest WLAN with a foreign/export-anchor setup. There is one anchor WLC in the US and two in Europe. Anchor WLC priorities are used to prefer local anchors. During a routine network audit, it is discovered that a large number of guest client sessions in the US are anchored to the WLCs in Europe.
Which reason explains this behavior?

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Refer to the exhibit. Which two statements about Cisco Prime Infrastructure are true? (Choose two.)

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A company has 10 access point licenses available on their backup Cisco WLC, and their primary Cisco WLC is at full capacity. 5 access points are set to high failover priority and 7 access points are set to critical failover priority. During a failure, not all critical access points failed over to the backup Cisco WLC. Which configuration is the cause of this issue?

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APs in a remote office recently have been converted from local mode to FlexConnect to take advantage of the local switching. After the change, remote wireless users report voice quality issues and bad quality on wireless IP phones while roaming. A debug is performed, and it is noticed that the 802.11r Fast Transition is not working as expected, like on local mode AP, though the same WLAN configuration is in place. What is the cause of the issue regarding the FlexConnect APs?

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An engineer must configure the virtual IP address on multiple controllers in a mobility group. Which rule must the engineer follow to ensure proper roaming?

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What is the attenuation value of a human body on a wireless signal?

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A wireless engineer is using Ekahau Site Survey to validate that an existing wireless network is operating as expected. Which type of survey should be used to identify the end-to-end network performance?

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An engineer must create data-link redundancy for the company's Cisco Wireless LAN Controller. The engineer has decided to configure LAG-based redundancy instead of port-based redundancy. Which three features of LAG-based redundancy influenced this decision? (Choose three.)

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A rapidly expanding company has tasked their network engineer with wirelessly connecting a new cubicle area with Cisco workgroup bridges until the wired network is complete. Each of 42 new users has a computer and VoIP phone. How many APs for workgroup bridging must be ordered to keep cost at a minimum while connecting all devices?

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An engineer must speed up the reauthentication delays that are being experienced on the wireless infrastructure by deploying a key-caching mechanism. Which mechanism must be configured?

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A network engineer is working on a design for a wireless network that must support data, voice, and location services. To support these services, which access point placement must the engineer use?

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An engineer is designing a high-density WLAN for a 10,000-seat auditorium. The solution must take advantage of human attenuation, as well as the aesthetics of the room. Where must the APs be placed?

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A network engineer is preparing for an office site survey with a height of 2.5 meters. Which three components are recommended to complete the survey? (Choose three.)

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During a client roaming event, which device is responsible for communicating the new Layer 2 EID mapping of a wireless supplicant to the fabric domain?

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An engineer has designed an anchor redundancy for guest clients connecting to SSID with auto-anchor configured. After adding a second Anchor WLC under the SSID mobility anchor list, clients are load-balanced between existing and new anchors instead of having one anchor as active and the other one as standby.

Which feature should be included in the design that will be configured on the WLC running 8.1 or above to ensure anchor redundancy?

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An engineer is reducing the subnet size of the corporate WLAN by segmenting the VLAN into smaller subnets. Clients will be assigned a subnet by location.
Which type of groups should the engineer use to map the smaller subnets to the corporate WLAN?

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A university is in the process of designing a wireless network in an auditorium that seats 500 students and supports student laptops. Which design methodology should the university implement in the auditorium?

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An engineer is designing a network deployment for a college with six buildings. Each building must have a WLC located in the IDF to support the APs. The wireless clients should be able to roam between the APs and the controllers. Which type of wireless architecture should be used?

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Multiple WLCs are implemented in a high-availability configuration in a mobility group. APs are deployed with only a primary controller assigned. By default, which mobility group member controller do the orphaned APs join in the event of a failed controller?

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An engineer has configured guest anchoring for a newly created SSID however, the mobility tunnels are not up, and EPING is failing from the foreign WLC to the anchor WLC. Which traffic flow must be allowed at the firewall to enable the communication?

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During a post deployment site survey, issues are found with non-Wi-Fi interference. What should the engineer use to identify the source of the interference?

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Refer to the exhibit. A client roams between two APs that are registered to two different controllers, where each controller has an interface in the client subnet.
Both controllers are running AireOS. Which scenario explains the client roaming behavior?

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What is the recommended cell overlap when designing a wireless network for Cisco Hyperlocation?

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A wireless engineer must optimize RF performance for multiple buildings with multiple types of construction and user density. Which two actions must be taken?
(Choose two.)

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A network engineer is troubleshooting connectivity issues between two WLCs running 8.x code in SSO mode and finds that the redundancy management heartbeat is failing. Which packet type must be filtered for heartbeats when taking a capture to verify communication?

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An engineer is designing a new wireless network. The network needs to meet these requirements:
✑ support a high wireless client concentration
✑ support data over wireless
✑ support voice over wireless
✑ avoid interference
Which design approach should be taken?

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Which non-Wi-Fi interferer can be identified by Metageek Chanalyzer?

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An enterprise has moved most services to the cloud, including email applications and real-time communication. Which feature must be enabled on the wireless network to improve the user experience?

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A wireless engineer must design mobility between two buildings at a campus site. The engineer has one controller at each site. The engineer is investigating inter- controller CAPWAP data and control traffic. Which two ports must be open? (Choose two.)

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Guest anchoring is configured for a newly created SSID for a company. It has been noticed that the mobility tunnels are not up and that MPING fails from your foreign WLC to the anchor WLC. What is the reason that it is failing?

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A customer has restricted the AP and antenna combinations for a design to be limited to one model integrated antenna AP for carpeted spaces and one morel external antenna AP, with high gain antennas for industrial, maintenance, or storage areas. When moving between a carpeted area to an industrial area, the engineer forgets to change survey devices and surveys several APs. Which strategy will reduce the negative impact of the design?

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An engineer has performed a predictive site survey for high-speed data and voice in an indoor office. What is the recommended data rate with -67 dBm signal level for optimal VoWLAN design?

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Refer to the exhibit. An engineer is about to establish a mobility peer connection between a Cisco Catalyst 9800-CL version 16.10.1e and Cisco AireOS 5520 version The data path between the 9800-CL and AireOS 5520 is down, but its control path is up. Based on the configuration, what is the cause of the issue?

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Which two criteria must be considered when conducting an outdoor bridge site survey? (Choose two.)

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Campus users report a poor wireless experience. An engineer investigating the issue notices that in high-density areas, the wireless clients fail to switch the AP to which are automatically connected. This sticky client behavior is causing roaming issues. Which feature must the engineer configure?

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An engineer changed the TPC Power Threshold for a wireless deployment from the default value to -65 dBm. The engineer conducts a new post deployment survey to validate the results. What is the expected outcome?

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A wireless engineer is designing a wireless network to support real time applications over wireless. Which IEEE protocol must the engineer enable on the WLC so that neighbor list radio management packets are sent to the wireless devices?

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A customer called with a requirement that internal clients must be on different subnets depending on the building they are in. All APs are operating in local mode and will not be modified, and this is a single controller solution. Which design approach creates the desired result?

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How does AP failover priority for access points function when configured with priority 1 or 4?

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An engineer must ensure that the wireless network accomplishes fast, secure roaming by way of caching keys on the APs. Which key caching mechanism is enabled by default on a Cisco AireOS WLC?

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A wireless engineer is utilizing the voice readiness tool in Cisco Prime for a customer that wants to deploy Cisco IP phones. Which dBm range is the network inspected against?

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A company wants to replace its existing PBX system with a new VoIP System that will include wireless IP phones. The CIO has concerns about whether the company's existing wireless network can support the new system. Which tool in Cisco Prime can help ensure that the current network will support the new phone system?

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WLC SSO is set up between two WLCs in a service provider network serving public spaces. On WLC failover, it is noticed that only about half of the original client count is now showing on the secondary WLC, although it is currently showing the role as active. Which design side case explains the issue?

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A network engineer needs to create a wireless design to bridge wired IP surveillance cameras in the parking lot through a mesh AP. To which operate mode of the
AP should the cameras connect?

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During a wireless design all APs are mapped to designated controllers in case of a failure. The controllers are located in the same data center but in different racks. An AP failed over to a controller that was not defined on its High Availability tab. The customer does not want the AP to move back to its defined Cisco
WLCs until they manually intervene. What needs to be addressed in the design?

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During a wireless network design, a customer requires wireless coverage on the perimeter of a building but also wants to minimize signal leakage from the wireless network. Which antenna should be used to accomplish this design?

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A wireless engineer is designing a wireless network for a warehouse using access points with internal antennas. Which two elements have a negative effect on the wireless users? (Choose two.)

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